About Torricella Peligna

Torricella Peligna is a municipality located centrally in the vast territory demarcated by the borders of the Comunità Montana Aventino – Medio Sangro, and it is the true crossroad where all the provincial roads connect, like a spider web, providing communication with all the municipalities. It is a locality visited frequently because of its location (900 meters above sea level) and for the vast panorama visible on either side of the (rivers) Sangro and Aventino.

At the Footsteps of the Majella

Positioned between the mountains and the sea!

To the visitor, the town offers the possibility to relax in the ample pine groves of the park, located at the entrance of  the town, or to visit the church of San Giacomo Apostolo that towers among the houses in the original historic center. Two pleasant walks, the first can be done on foot, are those toward the rural church of the Madonna del Roseto and the other to the border of the town of Montenerodomo, ascending to the plains of Juvanum: an important city of the Carecini a pre-italic people who inhabited the territory.  The archeological zone of Juvanum, where excavation still continues, is the best place for a comprehensive understanding of the history and culture of the territory.

Torricella, in addition to ensuring a welcome from hotels, agriturism and choice of restaurants and trattorie, offers the opportunity to purchase typical local products that complement the visit.

The town also preserves, in the territorial Museo (museum) recently opened, an interesting collection of archeological objects found in the zone of Juvanum.  In the museum, in a glass case and climatized, is a mummy of the eighteenth century, found under the parish church during restoration work.


Torricella Peligna is located in the upper right quadrant of the illustration. The illustration provides a perspective of the Val di Sangro looking east to west from the Adriatic Sea toward the direction of Rome.

Torricella Peligna, about 25 km from the Adriatic, has a beautiful view of the Maiella and the Adriatic.

The dramatic photographs below provide spectacular views of the area.

The first is a panorama of the Maiella facing west from Torricella Peligna. The view is a composite of five photographs showing some  of the neighboring villages, with the grand Maiella as a backdrop. The Adriatic Sea is visible in the far right background.


The second is a panorama of the Sangro Valley facing east from Torricella Peligna. The view is a composite of five photographs showing some of the neighboring villages, with the Adriatic Sea clearly visible in the background.  These photos were contributed by the photographer Silvio DiPaolo.


Region: Abruzzo

Province: Chieti (CH)

Population: 1,353 ab.(Istat 2016)

Previous years: 1.391 (2011) – 1.587 (2001) – 1.833 (1991)

Surface: 36,11 Km2

Population density: 44,83 people per Km2

Istat Code: 069095

Cadastral Code: L291

Name of the inhabitants: Torricellani

Most common surname: Teti

Mayor: Carmine Ficca (10/07/1983)

Address: Viale R Paolucci 3, ZIP 66019 Torricella Peligna CH

Phone: 0872 969412

Fax: 0872 969412.

E-Mail: info@comunetorricellapeligna.it

Pec: protocollo@pec.comune.torricellapeligna.ch.it (pec)

The municipality of Torricella Peligna is composed of the town center plus many outlying hamlets.  In Italian they are referred to as a “frazione”, “contrada”, “rione” or “località”.  The largest, Fallascoso, with around 80 residents was a municipality on its own till 1928.

Colle del Ponte
Colle Rotondo
Colle Zingaro
Coste Mulino
Madonna del Roseto
Passo Scuro
Pietra S. Angelo
Piana della Barche
Pietro Ciferine
Ripa Bianca
S. Giusta
S. Pietro
S. Venanzo
Selva Grossa
Solagne Di Pennadomo
Stazzo Dei Cavalli
Tre Confini
Valle Verdura
Villa Roseta