Notary Records for Torricella Peligna


Notary records are useful to complete genealogy research when other records are exhausted or just unavailable. Moreover, they offer great insight on the life and history of the local people and the relations among families in such important occasions as marriages or deaths, as well as social status and property issues, names of places, administrative proceedings of a place and more.

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To obtain a copy of any deed from notaries in Torricella the request should be made to :

Archivio di Stato di Lanciano – Viale Cappuccini 66034 – Lanciano (CH)

giving details of:
– name of notary
– year where the deed is contained
– page where the deed starts, and possibly its “title”
– date, useful as reference

Usually photocopies can be made if the book is in good condition, otherwise only digital pictures can be made. It is advisable to send euros for the copies and return stamp, 5 euros could be enough for one act and shipment.

Usually most of the deed is handwritten in Latin, but the most relevant part will usually be in the first and second paragraph, though it is always advisable to study the whole deed.

We tried to supply whenever possible: date, number of sheet that appears only on the right page – the left page is considered the back and called “verso”, while the right page bearing the number is the “retto” – title of deed if given, a short explanation or comment if feasible.

There are no notaries for Fallascoso apart from one in the mid-19th century, De Stefanis Raffaele, 1835-1856, with one repertorio.  There are no notaries for Colledimacine or Montenerodomo either.  It is likely people of those two places would go to Torricella which always had at least two notaries at work, as did Gessopalena, Palena and Lettopalena.  So acts for Fallascoso most likely appear in with the notaries of Torricella.

Notaries in Torricella

  • Mancini Nicola Sr. 1619-1633, 3 books
  • Mirolli Filippo 1620-1644, 3 books
  • Book I, 1620-1627
  • Mancini Costantino 1623-1639, 3 books
  • Mancini Isidoro 1647-1678, 5 books
  • De Angelis Carlo 1650-1704, 3 books
  • Book I 1650 – 1678
  • De Angelis Daniele 1683-1716, 6 books
  • Book I: 1683 – 1688
  • De Sanctis Francescantonio 1689-1747, 7 books
  • Mancini Nicola Jr 1709-1768, 20 books
  • De Angelis Nicola 1719-1781, 6 books
       [1 repertorio (index) only for the years 1734-1781* ]
  • Ficcaglia Enrico 1747-1787, 7 books
  • Bonanni Luigi 1780-1825, 27 books, 1 repertorio (index)
  • Ficcaglia Leonardo Antonio 1788-1790, 1 book
  • Porreca Antonio 1791-1832, 37 books, 1 repertorio (index)
  • De Stefanis Luigi 1795-1798, 4 books
  • Teti Carlo Eugenio 1804-1815, 12 books, 2 booklets of wills
  • Antrilli Domenico 1816-1833, 23 books, 1 repertorio (index)
  • Teti Camillo 1830-1858, 29 books, 6 repertori (indexes)

* Please note that the repertorio (index) drawn up by Notary Nicola De Angelis for the years 1734-1781 are held at the State Archive in Chieti. The notary acts themselves, however, are stored in the State Archives in Lanciano. The repertorio is a very special index which not only identifies the type of act involved, the names of those involved and the date, but also gives a short description of what was involved in the act.