There are many artisans in Torricella Peligna. There are also many elsewhere with roots in Torricella. Discover more about who they are and what they do.

Marialuisa (Lisa) Di Fabrizio



 In her spare time Marialuisa (Lisa) Di Fabrizio is very devoted to the art of pictorial decoupage, and she achieves spectacular results.  Lisa has taught others this art form, including practically all the lady friends she sees in Torricella every August.  Laura de Laurentiis, a dear friend also of Torricellan origin, says this about Lisa:


“Her works are of rare beauty, and she is perhaps not even aware of it.  The fact is that all the items she displayed at a stand in Torricella were sold.  She is remarkable!  She is a true artist, sensitive and complete.  I will always be grateful to her for what she has taught me.”


 Lisa, born in 1955, is an architect, but by choice she teaches technical education.  She lives in Lanciano, but whenever she has a chance she escapes off to Torricella Peligna, where she has a very beautiful little house.  On summer afternoons she welcomes all of her female friends to her house, and she helps them perfect their decoupage skills.  Her husband Gianni is Sicilian, and she has two sons, Matteo and Paolo.  Her father, Mario Di Fabrizio di trummincielle, was a post office employee and the mayor of Torricella from 1962 to 1976.  Her mother is Teresita Porreca di mastredinate.  She has two younger sisters, Getta (Virginia) and Paola.  

Giuseppe Di Luzio

Giuseppe Di Luzio was born in the Torricellan hamlet of Colle Zingaro eighty-three years ago.  He has been creating pictures embroidered on velvet since 1988.  His latest, yet to be framed, brings to 100 the number of pictures he has created, certainly a notable accomplishment.  There are only a few in his home in Colle Zingaro because he has given most to friends and relatives scattered around the world:  France, Belgium etc.

Camillo Ficca

My name is Camillo Ficca.  I was born in Torricella Peligna in 1965, and I have lived here ever since. I have always had enthusiasm for innovation and distinctive ideas. 

In 2001 I left a company where I had specialized in metals and went to work in a school to share my knowledge.  Since I had more time on my hands, I began to develop ideas and link them up with what I knew how to do.  I manage to construct unique, one-piece objects from wrought iron. 


I do not design things; I simply create what inspires me at the moment.  This means that the talents we have inside develop naturally.  In this case, the fire of the forge represents nature helping me.  Every year I exhibit my works in shows and contests, and public commentary and appreciation give me strength and new ideas that keep me going.  I am proud of all of this, especially for Torricella, a town that has given life to generations of artisans of all types. 

Unfortunately, today the culture of traditions and of ancient arts has been completely lost, and all of us should try to save the little that has remained, which could help keep this small town alive.      

Pasquale Imbastaro


Pasquale Ennio Imbastaro’s father is from Torricella Peligna and his mother is from Pescocostanzo, in the province of L’Aquila. 

From the time Pasquale was a child, he nurtured a great interest in all forms of art, from design to painting.  Then, he realized his dream of becoming a craftsman of fine jewelry.  After graduating from the Institute of Art (Istituto d’Arte) in Lanciano, he attended a jewelry school in Sulmona (Nuova Scuola Orafa Sulmonese).  He then took part in a course held by a master jeweler in Sulmona.  With experience and technical training under his belt, he began to craft jewelry and participate in numerous exhibitions.  He has organized several fashion shows in Torricella Peligna, which have highlighted his great passion for this art form.  These have become eagerly awaited events that give the town certain prestige and notoriety.  On August 12, 2006, he achieved his dream by opening up a jewelry workshop, “Il Soffio di Horus” (“The Breath of Horus”), a name taken from his favorite book.  This is where he seeks inspiration to create his jewelry, utilizing elaborate techniques such as filigree and gem mounting.  His modern, stylized designs are exceedingly unique and fashionable.

Serafina Zinni


Serafina is from Roccascalegna.  She lives in Torricella with her husband, Nicola Natale, a native of the town  She is very skilful with embroidery “MANO-MACCHINA”. She works using a sewing machine, and she also uses a free-hand technique embroidering designs that she creates. She teaches in the I.P.I.A. (Italian Professional Institute of Art and Craft) in Ortona.