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Torricella Peligna is a municipality located centrally in the vast territory demarcated by the borders of the Comunità Montana Aventino – Medio SangroIt is an attractive location 900 meters above sea level with vast panoramas on either side of the rivers Sangro and Aventino.

We are a group of individuals passionate about Torricella Peligna, the small town in Abruzzo that is home to our cultural and ethnic heritage. Torricellani are strewn here and there across the globe, yet we remain united in our common background. Through this website, we provide a medium that allows Torricellani to connect with each other and to share not only facts and information, but also memories, images and emotions.


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A chronological history of Torricella


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Chi’ssi dicie? newsletter edited by Antonio Piccoli 


A live view of Torricella from the Comune 


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What To See

Madonna Delle Rose

On the outskirts of Torricella. A sanctuary built in 1552 and a pilgrimage destination on the Monday after Easter (a holiday in Italy) and the last Saturday of May.


A large pine grove designed by Antonio Porreca in the 1920s, ideal for resting, family fun and wonderful picnics.

Monument to the Alpine Corps

Situated on Colle dell’Irco (Irco Hill), about 2 miles from Torricella. Inaugurated on October 14, 1967.